5th Annual
Mental Health & Behavior Summit

 September 25 & 26, 2018

Tue 9/25 - KEYNOTE: Nelba Marquez-Greene 
Love Wins: Rethinking How to Avoid Future Mass Tragedies Like Sandy Hook 
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Wed 9/26 - KEYNOTE: Paul Gorski 
#FixInjusticeNotKids: An Equity Literacy Approach to Mental Health & Behavior
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This 2-day conference provides strategies and techniques to assist with behavior management and mental health issues
in the school setting. The event also provides an opportunity for educators to network and collaborate around behavioral and mental health needs of students as well as practice self-care and compassion.  

In addition to our distinguished keynote speakers, the Summit features thought-provoking breakout sessions
from local experts in the field, 
and offers specific strategies and information for you to
 bring back to your district and classroom.