$250 for both days
Cost:  $150 for one day only

Purpose:  This 2-day summit provides information and techniques to assist with behavior management and mental health needs in the school setting. The summit also provides an opportunity for educators to network and collaborate around behavioral and mental health needs in the school setting.  In addition to two distinct keynote speakers, this conference features multiple breakout sessions with regional & local experts 'in the field', hands-on training, Q & A, vendors & some terrific door prizes. 

Keynotes & Breakout Sessions


Nelba Marquez-Greene, LMFT - Ana Grace website

Love Wins: Rethinking How to Avoid Future Mass Tragedies Like Sandy Hook

The outpouring of support after the tragedy at Sandy Hook afforded Newtown, Connecticut much needed training, counseling and financial resources.

The Ana Grace Project is aware that there are children around the country who suffer traumatic loss, toxic stress, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and do not receive such supports and opportunities.

It is the mission of The Ana Grace Project and its commitment to social justice that led to the professional development initiative. Its purpose is to provide training opportunities to communities that may not otherwise have them.

Paul C. Gorski - website

#FixInjusticeNotKids: An Equity Literacy Approach to Mental Health & Behavior

We best prepare ourselves to cultivate healthy minds, behaviors, and schools when we learn how to understand 
minds, behaviors, and schools through an equity lens. This means refusing to adopt a deficit view of students with
mental health differences; it means learning how to see root causes of behaviors instead of responding reactively; it means understanding how our subtle biases contribute to behaviors we might demonize in students. In this session,
we will work on recognizing and rejecting old understandings that impede our abilities to serve all students equitably
and develop understandings that help us become a threat to inequity in classrooms and schools

Other topics include:

  • Staying Connected to What Matters: Establishing a Balanced Relationship with Technology
  • Supporting and Including Transgender Students   
  • Seclusion & Restraint
  • Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach
  • Mindfulness in Schools: Best Practices
  • BIP & FBA
  • Supporting and Including LGBTQ+ Students - Absent the Support of District Leadership                    
  • Living & Teaching with a Mental Illness
  • Family & Community Supports for Mental Health and Behavior
  • The Role of Forgiveness in Mental Health